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Friday, March 03, 2006

David Hayden talks about "Practical .NET2 and C#2"

David Hayden, a well known website developer and .NET blogger talks about his initial comments on Practical .NET2 and C#2!

Reading Practical .NET 2 and C#2 by Patrick Smacchia
Kudos to Patrick Smacchia on his new book, Practical .NET 2 and C#2.

I have read about 150 pages of the 800+ page book and the book rocks. The chapters I have read so far ( yeah, I don't always read the chapters in order ):

Chapter 1: Assembly, module, IL language
Chapter 4: The CLR ( Common Language Runtime )
Chapter 5: Processes, threads, and synchronization
Chapter 7: Reflection, late binding, attributes
Chapter 12: Inheritance, polymorphism and abstraction
Chapter 13: Generics
Chapter 15: Collections

are excellent and full of detail. The pages are packed, too:

No big glaring gaps of white space and fluff that you get from some books that try to meet a page minimum.

Code samples get right to the point as opposed to showing a lot of extraneous code.
All code is in C# which means you don't have to deal with duplicate examples in multiple languages.

I will give a full review in a few weeks, but so far the book is a real joy to read. Check it out for yourself.

Source: David Hayden ( Florida .NET Developer )


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