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Monday, February 20, 2006

Sahil Malik posted a first review of Practical .NET2 and C#2.


If you knew C# 2.0 already, what C# 2.0 book would you buy?

Wait a minute, if you already knew C# 2.0, why the heck would you bother to buy another C# 2.0 book? Because learning C# is probably 0.05% of what you need to know. The rest of the 99.5% is the framework.

I have been recently poring through a pretty fantastic book - Practical .NET 2.0 and C# 2.0 by Patrick Smacchia. I have to admit, if you are hard pressed on time like I am, and don't have the patience to read through 5 different books to learn what you need to, then keep this book at an arms length. I really like how the chapters are laid out in logical topics, which make it so much easier to find the specific information I am looking for.

What makes this book great, is that this book is so much more than just C# 2.0, it's really about the framework (wasn't it always about the framework?).


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