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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

EasyRegex update and EasyBarcode released.

I have released a minor update to EasyRegex. Turns out a little bug in my licensing code would cause some machines to report the beta license as being expired. Before installing the update, you will need to uninstall the previous version. The updated version can be downloaded from

I have also released EasyBarcode 1.0.0 today. A quick and easy little software to generate print-ready EAN/ISBN barcodes.

  • Generate EAN barcodes for both ISBN and ISBN-13 numbers
  • Built-in ISBN validation to ensure the numbers input are valid
  • Generates barcodes which also include the ISBN information and the optional price UPC-5 supplement
  • Exports barcodes to PDF files for easy inclusion in your layouts and projects

An EasyBarcode trial can be downloaded from:


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