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Saturday, January 14, 2006

The cat is out of the box (or the plane is our of the hanger)

I'm a little late with the news but at CES, the next version of Microsoft Flight Simulator was announced.This is good news for everyone and as a developer on the project, this means that the "gag order" has been somewhat lifted.
I am a graphics engineer on the project under Steve Lacey and I take care of various graphical improvements on the project. For now, I will leave you dangling but I plan over the next few weeks to take a deeper look into some of the new features I have helped develop.


Blogger Matthieu Laban said...

Hi Sebastien ;)

I'm really looking forward to reading what you did on FSX !

My guess is you worked on the water effects, at least if I remember one of your posts from last year about water reflection or something :P

Happy Landings,

5:39 AM


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