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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Amazon Sales Rank Watcher Bug

For those of you who may have downloaded my Amazon Sales Rank Watcher. There is a bug which can cause an error to happen (and a big red X to show on the graph) when adding new titles. The bug is minor and is due to the way the first sales rank is added to the graph. I plan on releasing a new version within the next 1-2 weeks adding a few new features on the product.

  • Fixing graph bugs
  • Improve graph update performance
  • Add more intelligent filtering to the list of titles from amazon to only include book titles
  • Allow for the App to be resized (allowing for a bigger graph)
  • Allowing the app to be minimized into the icon tray so it can be left to gather sales rank info in the background
Thanks to everyone who has sent me some feedback, bug reports and comments!


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