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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Free PDF Version of "The COMPLETE HLSL Reference" is up for grabs!

Paradoxal Press has just released a free PDF version of their "The COMPLETE HLSL Reference". The spiral hardbound copy can still be purchased but you can now also print your own copy for free :) Here are some details...

The COMPLETE HLSL Reference is a small format (3”x6”) spiral-bound booklet intended to be a complete quick reference for assembly and HLSL shader developers. The reference includes a complete overview of all vertex and pixel shader assembly instructions, up to shader model 3.0, complete with parameter description and performance considerations. In addition, the booklet also includes a complete overview of all the HLSL intrinsic functions complete with a description of their functionality, parameter information and performance considerations.


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Hi Sebby,

Great! Do you have a link for us? :-)


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