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Friday, September 09, 2005

What's up with that cat??

When my mother died, we inherited her Persian cat which we renamed Chew. The cat is a sweetheart but had a bad tendency to pee all over the place. Although he still does it on occasion, it has improved significantly since he's been with us.

Today my wife decided to do some laundry. We tend to just pile the clothes on the floor of our closet. Well guess what, the cat had peed on the clothes. Not too surprising, although really frustrating. There is a kicker however...

My wife has taken the habit of emptying our pants pockets before putting them into the washer as we tend to forget papers in there and hate those lint balls. Well going through one my my pair of pants, guess what she pulled out of the pocket... A PILE OF KITTY POOP!

Now of course, the first question is why the hell! But more interestingly is how the Chew accomplish this feat in the first place! Sheesh...


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