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Friday, August 26, 2005

My First Review...

The first review for "The COMPLETE Effect and HLSL Guide" showed up on Amazon. Yay!

Of course, still have plenty of copies to sell but it is nice to get a first review, especially when it is a 5 star! Here is the review:
This book starts out by giving you a good history behind the shader language.

- really good for references
- it lists every single variables/functions for the shader along with the description
- excellent information/reference on Intrinsic Functions
- it has a good list of vertex shader 3.0 assembly instructions

- need more samples? :)

Overall, I found this book is good to start learning HLSL. Besure that you've grabbed a concept of direct3d before reading this book. I also find out that after reading this book it's so much easy to read wolf's books.


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